sea level down
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the kiddo felt dizzy but desperately kept hanging on
this waltz is no laughing matter either
so she pranced around the kitchen as she went batty
making the cupboard shake left and right, making a mess
an ice cold stare was stamped on her mother’s face

you brought me to bed as i was still hanging onto you
still dancing the waltz

— Not only can water float a boat, it can sink it as well.

Dan never wanted to admit it but when he ran around Itova with the sun beating down his back he dreamed of that one time he played rooftop chicken at the orphanage. He dreamed of Mary’s chapped lips on his shoulder, Ezra’s hands after a day of beach combing and Isaac’s cautious confession of love; (Its your eyes and Mary’s breath and Ezra’s heart, they’ve been revealed and I can’t stop now). In this moment he knows what it means to not be dead; death is a singular moment. Living is a cascading series of sounds, love, back-pedaling, learning to swim, making sandwiches with slapdash ingredients and trying not to starve, beating death back with a stick.

"Don’t lose your grip now."

He doesn’t look back as dust is kicked off the streets, eyes bearing down on the horizon line. Moon strut.

Tonight, he’ll make fish stew.


Actress Ruan Lingyu looking super stylish.